Real Tooth Care

Real tooth care is not expensive. So throw away the commercial toothpaste. Lots of information about the natural alternatives. But the important thing is the reasons why they are better and what is the best? Wait for it.



Many dental procedures are dangerous for your health. The bet dentists in the world know this but the average dentist does not have a clue. We provide some special questions for you to ask your dentist. If the answers are wrong never go back!!


No Do Not Do It!

Many dentists are still using amalgam which is basically a mercury compound. Every health practitioner knows that mercury causes Alzheimer’s disease amongst others. Check it out!



NATURAL hints on the natural care of teeth will help make the difference between beautiful teeth and ugly decaying teeth for decades. Check out this astounding study information and follow up by investigating the topics on the net. Always remember money drives articles not a love of truth. So use logic in addition.


Root canals are deadly

For nearly 100 years it has been known that there is no prevention for bacterial infection in the mouth when a metal is introduced. Gangrenous inflammation can occur. There are better ways. Read More.



Welcome To HealthyTeethorGums.com

This website was started in response to the fantastic oral wellness summit held in January 2013. The healthy mouth summit was provided free but you can join anytime. It featured the most honest, technical and diverse coverage of not only oral health but almost every aspect of health that I have ever tuned into. Congratulations guys.


 So why did we not just blog and send messages of support. Well fact is we do not agree with everything that was said by the 21 top experts from the fields of dentistry and oral health but we are in total support of what they are doing overall and were ecstatic to have been able to hear the lectures. I believe we and the whole world have a great debt to these people.


 So the following pages will encapsulate what was said from the point of view of rawfoodists, vegetarians, ketogenic and paleo followers and other healthy people basically. So we will just throw another slant on the summit and hope it helps to expand the audience of these people whatever you healthy life diet preferences are. Many questions were answered for us and so we also hope to throw some light on certain aspects of the discussions.Hope you read on and we will seek permission to provide a link to their website.


Now actually four years has just about disappeared since the first posting and again it is time for updates. Each of he pages will be updated in the next few days (second time around December 2016). so watch for the information. Remember that most of this information is still based on latest information and there are still many dentists who have not heard some of the information.

check them out

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Creators of The HealThy Mouth World Summit