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We are about health and happiness. Some have it and some dont so we are here to extend the invitation to everyone. There are many things in life we can do to make life better, happier and healthier. So in this website we will touch on many of them.
Healthybodychurch was formed to encourage the study of natural health. This is the study that gives natural health and returns us to a close relationship between the needs of our bodies and the nutrients found normally in that part of the world we live in. Some agree it was creation and most others go with evolution but either way our god has provided for us, pretty much all we need to survive and actually thrive in many cases. otherwise the older civilisations would not have survived. Logically there is then some doubt that we would have survived either. There is a glaring fact that comes up when we understand about the nutrients available to us then and or ancestors surviving on them. That of course is that they survived without doctors, hospitals, stoves, microwaves and fridges. Additionally they needed to be much healthier than we are today. Look around you and see how many you can count who would survive more than a couple of days in the wild.

Most would not last a a day. And in surviving back then most would have had no fires even for most of the time because of many natural reasons. So most food was eaten raw. Now strangely enough all other species in the wild have no cooked food ever. Again no doctors and no hospitals. If they survive it is partly because they did not get eaten by something bigger and stronger, and mostly because the foods that are provided for them by nature. And strangely enough they eat it raw!!! So the bottom line is that all the other species are way, way dumber than us and way, way more healthy. Quick walk away because that is all too hard to grasp!!

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