Need Change

If 20 of the best educated and most accredited American dentists can stand up and label amalgam and fluoride amongst the worlds most toxic substances . Why are we still forced to put them in our mouths???

The two significant factors which were evident in the understanding of these top 20 dentists were the necessity of removal of mercury and fluoride from the world dental program. This page is set up as a list of notes based on the need at this stage to compare and contrast the understanding of these experts when all the evidence is coordinated and analysed.

Crumbling teeth in a child of two despite breastfeeding and organic labelled foods was a triggering factor for Dr Rami Nagel in his research into teeth demineralisation and remineralisation. As the condition worsened he worked on many factors such as the fact that bacteria causes tooth decay but it is the nutrient component which paves the way for the decay to occur. So almost correctly the brushing pushes brushing to remove bacteria and incidentally a few of the team were actually against heavy brushing as being abrasive.

There is a significant ratio between Calcium and Phosphorous at which decay seems to stop.

Protein while seen by this group as important is also seen as being required only in small amounts.

Foods which were used for remineralisation include cod liver oil preferably fermented. Then raw butter which is hard to get and actually illegal to sell in Australia and most parts of North America. and also organ meats which are used commonly by many indigenous groups and apparently eaten first when a lion makes a kill. So fat soluble vitamins and minerals are widely recognised as being important. Most of the panel went with animal products and some heat preparation where we tend to follow plant based nutrients and are very much against heating as part of processing for most mineral and vitamin sources.

Needless to say msg, processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup and mention is given to the old established formula that 30 kilos of sugar per year equalled sugar diabetes. Incidentally there are dentists now who will refuse to treat smokers. A widely recognised retired dentist Hal Huggins has an explanation for that based on the time required for healing.