Oral Health

A day in the life of the mouth … the teeth … and the gums

Although we had already known the powerful relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body, the fact had somehow slipped its ranking. mind you the whole body has a reflective relationship with the spine for starters. Each vertebrae has a direct connection with an organ or system. The eyes again are like a computer screen and although the charts and analysis methods do vary it becomes very clear with every reading that the eyes have an accurate story to tell. This accurate screen has been replaced with millions of dollars of technical equipment which still produces less accurate diagnosis. Then the meridian system establishes a permanent connection with each organ and system whereby it can be accessed from many parts of the body to provide a series of service points.


We have had reference charts for some time establishing the connection between each organ or system and the specific teeth representing them. The actual meaning of all this is still a little cloudy but I appears that every ailment is actually first felt in the mouth. Our sensitivities to such phenomena are questionable in the light of regular mouth pain, hot and cold sensation from drinks and foods and a variety of procedures which are carried out on the teeth by dentists. But


There is a deal of very reliable information from various dentists including one or two very famous ones. There was a solid connectivity between the dentists and their individual talk themes at the summit, which was something new and exciting. All against mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings and of course fluoride and root canals. Then a lot of solid as well as anecdotal evidence to back everything up.


One very exciting part involved reversal of tooth and gum disease and a segment on dynamic symmetry from Dr Karren Shanahan Dynamic symmetry of course is a factor of everything. It is everywhere and when you watch a herd of deer running through a forrest it is evident in every limb. Head, mouth, teeth, everything and of course the human species should exhibit the same sympathetic relationships. It is first in the teeth that we are noticed to have strayed off the path. At closer glance the vertebrae, the eyes and the shape of the legs follow close behind. Then the shape of the head. It is the physics of biology. Faces are supposed to be dynamically and bilaterally symmetrical. The integer 1.618 should be evident in almost all relationships of body parts. It still is in the supermodel sphere and especially in the teeth.


So there will be lots more discussion about this here and in other websites coming up. For example thepathtoperfection.com will discuss and illustrate many cases where the path to perfection is followed in healing and fitness pursuits although technically of course achieving perfection may never actually happen.The strong and accurate relationship between the mouth and gums and sickness or health in other parts of the body. A day in the life of the mouth … the teeth … and the gums

There has never been any real research as such on the regeneration of symmetry, even the meaning of symmetry is a vague breeding ground of disbelief and our belief is that of course the regeneration is possible given a perfect collection of conditions and nutrients. We have seen a palm print define a long and healthy life after a terminal condition was reversed using natural therapies. A beautiful clear life line turned up where it previously ended at the equivalent of 30 years. Palmistry experts swear to the accuracy. So we eagerly look forward to the future and the possible reestablishment of symmetry where it has become disjointed previously. The research is really into the limits!!