Oil pulling one of the best supplements to health

Dr Bruce Fife can be found on the coconut research centre pages. At the recent oral health summit he reported on the practice of oil pulling. there are many who have never heard of the practice which would be considered supplemental to to the many important factors in oral hygiene which were raised It is interesting that to many following a simple supplemental procedure that can make a huge difference to their overall health. The practise of oil pulling follows from the principal that if we have a healthy mouth we will have a healthy body, which was defined in detail at the summit.

Bleeding gums, gingivitis, plaque on the teeth and white buildup on the tongue abscessed teeth, bad breath loose teeth and tarter are some of the many annoying conditions which have been bought under control by oil pulling. These are the mouth conditions. Controlling blood sugar, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, allergies asthma and back pain are all recorded achievements of the practice which are obviously outside the mouth but have responded to oil pulling. As followers of holistic natural health we are familiar with a myriad of methods of achieving these results such as adherence to raw food diets. However even then if a high level of health and oral health is achieved the oil pulling could provide some answers to the fine tuning of health.

Oil pulling is actually swishing around in the mouth, a suitable vegetable oil and spitting it out into the rubbish. 15 minutes at a time does sound a long time but can be done while working at something else. Bruce does this every day It pulls out bacteria, fungus etc. Dr Fife heard stories and testimonies then decided to research and there he found it is science. Dr Weston Price again was into oil pulling for severe arthritis but it comes from ancient Ayurvedic practice. A healing crisis can be experienced in extreme situations, which attests to the powerful nature of the practice. General health kicks up a notch after a healing crisis and it is normally a mild stirring up of some symptom of an existing ailment. It generally lasts only a couple of days.

Bruces research indicates that coconut oil is the superior oil for the purpose. One story involves one very athletic lady who developed arthritis until almost totally incapacitated. She started oil pulling and within a few months cancelled spinal surgery and actually went back to mountain climbing at 60.

90% of people now have some degree of decay and disease. If having high infection status do oil pulling three times a day and add drops of clove oil or oregano oil for faster healing. Root canals are always infected. If any apparent loosening of fillings occurs then the teeth holding the fillings is rotten and the tooth needs attention. Everybody should do oil pulling and the results normally occur in days. Abscesses go in a few weeks. It can also help to whiten the teeth.

So now I will try it. What about you??

Other supplements

There are many other natural health supplements which will be listed here over the next months but the main one which bears a mention is the use of Sodium Bicarbonate for washing the teeth. This practice again goes back many years although not ancient. Baking Soda leaves an alkaline residue in the intestines and added to a sound raw food diet is one of the fastest ways to eliminate cancer. Cancer does not survive in an alkaline environment. The baking soda tastes a little salty and is swallowed when the teeth are cleaned. It is mildly abrasive so the brushing should not be vigorous and the brush should be soft. it is common for dentists to recommend baking soda and they have noted a high level of dental hygiene even when significant deterioration has occurred through age or inappropriate eating practices. In fact it is very rare to get mouth pain of any sort if using the baking soda. The whitening leaves a little to be desired so we are working on that. Beauty without health is not sustainable.