The Gap

There is a gap. A huge gap and this time it is between the dental code of practice and the medical conventional practice of today. A gap that costs lives day after day. Now this is serious and one of the Summit team to speak out was Dr Robert Gammal of Australia.

He sums it up by saying there is no area of medicine which would conclude that it is a good idea to keep dead, infected or gangrenous tissue in the body. Dentistry on the other hand calls it root canal therapy. It is that simple. A simple Gap. Robert speaks with authority about the problem. It is clear that everybody is affected as they all become infected although there is no evidenced time frame involved in the infection process.

Famous dentist Dr Weston Price was worried about a couple of root canals he did on a patient who was developing severe arthritic symptoms amongst others. He extracted the teeth and after steralysing he implanted them under the skin of rabbits. The rabbits quickly became infected with the same symptoms and to chronic state.

More on root canals later and no respite it is all bad. Amalgams are the other main gap and of of the dental associations uneducated support for fluoride. It must be remembered that all this information is coming from a bunch of the most acclaimed and accredited dentists in North America and Australia.


Zenobiotic fluoride kills or damages everything it comes into contact with. It inhibits every enzyme known to man. It damages our energy production mechanism and damages the mechanism whereby your body makes teeth, bones brains and blood vessels etc. It must be good for our teeth. It seems that the average dentist does not understand toxicology at all. Half of all the fluoride ingested is stored in the average body being difficult to eliminate and cumulative. It is used a pesticide commonly and Harvard university studies report that it lowers IQ. They report the one hundred studies out of thousands were selected as the least damaging to the industry. This is a deadly poison and there is even enough for a lethal dose in each tube of fluoride toothpaste if ingested by a child. hence the warnings on the packet. In 1945 it was a byproduct of nuclear bomb making. companies could not get rid of it so they told people it was good for them.In China people were crippled at 4 parts per million. since 2006 nothing has changed. It is used for cleaning wheels and brake shoes and used in etching circuit boards. Websters describes Fluoride as a violent protoplasmic poison.

Bones collect fluoride in an attempt to make calcium fluoride then it flows over when not removed through urine so kidneys take the hit. A baby drinks it weight in water every four days. so babies have 17 times more fluoride than the average adult. harm will be evident in the future generations.

500 people around america are actually working promoting the fluoride.

There are types of fluoride so in the water supply 17% is fluoride and the balance is arsenic, cadmium mercury etc radioisotopes etc. most from phosphate industry. Fluoride will hook to everything. Tankers lined with resin or rubber until it becomes brittle then the fluoride can eat through the stainless steel. None of the suppling countries allow fluoride into their own water supply. In adults it shows up in bones etc but in children it will give the teeth fluorosis. 41% of children show damage already. fluoride injury. crippling skeletal porosis in adults for children so affected. if you kill the thyroid children end up lethargic.

ritalin prozac etc are all fluorinated compounds which knock out your brain.

not all the same stuff

silicofluoride decreases chances of success.

europe has no fluoride

children have not better teeth actually softer and more rotten.

saliva is the best for brushing teeth. brushing gently is important in oral health.

sweet milk iodine, enormous drop in tooth decay.