World Changes

If 20 of the best educated and most accredited American dentists can stand up and slam the daylights out of amalgam and fluoride. Why have we still got it???


If teeth are the primary indicators as the dentists seemed to think we are in for a tough time with the future generations. Most children now need braces which means the gum distortion is out of control while in the early 20th century braces were rare. One poor kid begged to have braces as he would have been the only kid in the class without them. They have become a fashion statement hiding a major disaster in the nutritional support to growing bones in the modern diet. Especially mineral content. So when you see this in a child run your hands down the spine especially the lower back which takes most of the weight. See how straight and proportionate are the vertebrae.. Sometimes it is a little scary. It is unlikely that the gums will show bone distortion without it also being evident in other parts of the body. But we need to know this and know it early so we can take appropriate action while the growth is still happening. We actually need to know all the connections no matter how bad they are. We tend to hide our heads in the sand and let it happen. Then when it comes time to fix the problem it is often too late as the growing up is finished. Orthodontic reversal of disproportionate gums costs a massive amount of money and does nothing to repair the causes which will manifest in other parts of the body resulting in injury, pain and often incapacitation.


A few dentists were clear on one topic amongst the doom and gloom and this was the reversibility of such conditions. Given that the problems ARE identified at a young age reversal is accepted as possible by a group of the top dentists in Northern America. So if the teeth become straight and symetrical then there is a fair likelihood that the spine and other parts of the body could follow suite. All of the dentists referred to nutritional change as being required for reversal of gum and tooth deformity. Later pages will discuss this as our observations lean us toward short and long term raw food diets to help make the adjustment. There are metabolism and climatic factors involved at this level of discussion which will be noted.


It does appear that the mercury use in fillings could be banned worldwide within a couple of years. This will be a positive step towards reduction of Alzheimers disease and many other ailments contributed to by mercury saturation.

Many countries are now going out against fluoride and even in the western group it has been removed from the required list by some states and left to the local councils to deal with. The designers of the fluoride injection equipment have made it also expensive to remove. Very clever!.

There are reactions to all of the damaging elements of technology and chemical involvement around the world and it is time for the average thinking person to join the ranks of those who disapprove. The interesting thing is that natural logic has never been applied to most of these situations, just monetary implications for the medical and chemical industries. research however is happening from directions of genuine concern and facts are emerging which throw considerable doubt on the previous practices in dentistry and medicine.